ISO 9001:2008 registered, with 3 facilities nationwide.
Discover the AFR Advantage.

Custom Material Handling Carts

Tailored for your production parts and your facilities

Material handling carts customized for moving your unique production parts throughout your facility can greatly increase your production line's efficiency.

  • We engineer carts with a focus on maximized cart capacity, durability, ergonomics and ease of movement for your production parts.
  • We understand Class A paint finishes. We design carts with both your production parts' safety and their coatings in mind to prevent paint damage.
  • We finish your carts with a coating of your choice—even matching your plant's color schemes.

In addition to custom-designed carts, we also offer the AFR Universal Material Handling Cart, which provides interchangeable cross-bars that enable carts to flex across departments, manufacturing plants, production parts, product models and model years.